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New! Markon's Produce Guide

Markon's mobile app gives you a comprehensive produce guide, as well as easy access to Markon's library of recipes. This handy educational guide lists flavor profiles, texture descriptions, pairing ideas, substitution suggestions, and nutritional information for anything and everything produce. From the familiar (think apples, broccoli, or grapes) to the exotic (like atemoya, chayotes, and lotus root), Markon has you covered with the information you need to get cooking.


Get the App

Markon's app is available for Apple's iPhone and iPad, Android smartphone and tablets, and Windows and Blackberry smartphones. Get access to Markon's app for your device by scanning the quick response (QR) code below with your mobile device.



Puzzled by the Above Images? Here's What You Can Do

  • Search "QR Code Reader" in your device's app store and select a related reader app to download.
  • Open the QR Code Reader app on your device and use your device's camera to "read" (or take a photo of) one of the above images.
  • When directed to Markon's app store listing, select "Install" and Markon's Produce Guide will be installed onto your device.
  • Run Markon's Produce Guide and enjoy easy access to a wealth of produce-related information. 

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