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Running a foodservice operation is a multi-faceted job that requires hard work, determination, and most of all, the passion to continue learning.

Your Craft: Never Stop Learning
Chefs are unique—creative, curious, and full of passion. And whether you’ve been in the industry for one year or thirty, you still need a trusted source for all of your produce questions. What is the latest ‘it’ ingredient? How do you make produce the center-of-the-plate for the increasing number of veg- and flexitarians? What’s the latest trend in beverages? Foodservice is one of the most complex industries in the world today—one that concerns not only basic nourishment, but customer cravings, health requirements, allergy options, and ever-changing trends. That’s why Markon has gathered a group of our member- and grower-affiliated chefs to answer your questions about produce. Ask Chef Mark Emery of Gordon Food Service Canada your culinary produce questions.

Featured Question

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) salad blends take the work out of creating interesting, flavorful first courses. Which is your favorite and what other ingredients do you toss in?

My favorite right now is the RSS Kale Blend, The multi-color mixture of purple, red, and green gives you a great starting base and makes easy use of the on-trend ingredient kale.

Kale is very versatile—it’s great as a cold green salad, slightly wilted and warm, or as side dish ingredient. When using kale, I like to start with olive oil or bacon fat to counter its inherent bitterness. Next I add a light acid like apple cider vinegar or citrus juice to balance the dressing. RSS Peeled Garlic, ramps, and Markon First Crop Onions stand up well to kale’s bold flavor in savory dishes. I also like to use kale with fresh fruits and honey for a bit of sweetness and nuts for crunchy texture.

Good eating!

-Chef Emery


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